The SoDash Team

With our dedicated SoDash account team, we feel the system adds excellent value to Everest's social media activity. – Emma Haberton, Marketing Executive at Everest

Management & Operations


A developer, data-scientist, and innovator with many years of experience. I studied Mathematics at Cambridge University and then went on to complete a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University.

I use technology to solve practical problems, and my passion for this has defined my career.


Prior to founding The Sandpit, I set up and built six businesses over the past 12 years. For 8 years I was based in Barcelona; I founded and successfully launched companies into the IT, advertising, publishing and fashion sectors in both Spain and the UK, before moving back to London.

I’m on a mission to help early stage tech realise its commercial potential.


An artificial Intelligence researcher turned entrepreneur. I studied Maths and Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh.

I'm keen on open-source software, short stories and big data.

Account Management


At the beginning of my career, I was a data geek who enjoyed understanding coding techniques and how to connect people to gain meaningful data insight. However, I was always more interested in putting a face to a name. Now I enjoy building relationships with people and enabling them to make the most of their social profiles through the use of technology!

I love playing netball and when I was young I wanted to be a marine biologist.


At SoDash, I am a dedicated Account Manager within the team. Customer service and listening to the individual needs of the client is at the forefront of my mind. My job, as the key gatekeeper between the clients and the business, is to ensure we deliver what is expected - and more!

My passions include a good roast dinner and weird/funny videos on Youtube.



I started my career as a Software Architect and Consultant and this experience has led me through a successful career to date. I've founded my own ventures and worked for multi-national corporations.

Off the back of winning internal awards at Google and leading a 3-year transformation project as CTO at News International, I now head up our tech team.


I have a decade of experience in the UK tech industry, including work as Site Editor for the user-created-content website, and as an expert technical author for Wiley Publishing (co-authoring a book in the hugely popular "... For Dummies" series).

I am an adept agile practitioner and Scrum Master, and hold an MSc. in Software Systems from Heriot Watt University.


I joined SoDash shortly after completing an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University. Previously I achieved a Diploma of Electronic and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Crete.


At SoDash I am an Analyst Programmer. When I'm not writing code I'm troubleshooting it or answering questions about the things it does or doesn't do. Wherever there are Issues, or a server goes down, or bulldozers attack a data centre (This happened), I'm here.

In a former life I trained as a philosopher, a network engineer, a tax collector and an opera singer, I also once spent a brief stint as a TV chef.



I've enjoyed 10 years working with leading search and social tech. I'm committed to promoting the tools that enable forward thinking companies to deliver a first class digital customer experience. I have a proven history of delivering outstanding individual and team performances in the digital advertising marketplace.

I'm a proud father, Brighton & Hove Albion fan and love the great outdoors!


I believe Social Media Monitoring is becoming essential. My background is in exceeding new business targets across both recruitment and technology industries. I want to help companies achieve social greatness and enhance their customer service and insight along the way.

If I'm not talking about SoDash, I can be found daydreaming about playing for Everton or eating!



As a Marketing Officer, it’s great to have a product as exciting as SoDash to shout about. I joined the team having graduated from the University of Exeter. I completed a degree in Business Management as well as gaining experience in the music and events industries.

Besides Digital Marketing, I’m also heavily into music production. So if I’m not sat in front of a mac at work, it’s likely I’m behind one at home!


Being one of the newest arrivals, i’m extremely excited to be a part SoDash team. I am a truly passionate marketer focused on optimising performance by combining data, insight and creativity and looking forward to helping SoDash get the recognition it deserves!

I’m a keen (but not very talented) linguist and have a passion for festivals and traveling. I do tend to be a bit of a geek in my free time and currently am improving my html, css and jquery skills!



I recently graduated from De Montfort University with a Marketing Management degree specialising in the use of social media as a communication tool in the B2C market. At SoDash I am carving out my role as Marketing Officer in the Edinburgh TechCube.

When I'm not at work I'm baking and adding recipes to my blog or I'm in the gym. I'm a lover of the great outdoors, travelling and I am an avid tea drinker.



I head up SoDash marketing. With a founding team of Artificial Intelligence PhDs, this business is genuinely at the leading edge of big data innovation, which gives a storyteller like me a lot of raw materials to play with. I've spent the past 18 years studying and working at designing value propositions that make people’s lives better, more recently designing creative systems to do that at scale in uncertain and changing times.

Coming via big corporates (Amex and O2) and agile agencies, I now have a passion for getting disruptive start-ups to market.

Latin America



I believe anything is possible, I know that nothing is unrealistic, I embrace my childlike wonder, I see opportunity when others see impossibility, I take risks, I'm focused, I hustle, I create, I learn, I grow, I do. I believe it's never too late to start living a dream, I contribute to something bigger than myself @SoDash.

I'm a passionate surfer, a frustrated artist and on a mission to use technology to save our planet from inefficiency.


Shortly after graduating as Administrator discovered my passion for entrepreneurship. Since then I have discovered the true value of creativity, interpersonal relationships, and a good balance between agility and focus on business. If I'm not in the office I am surely at the sea.


Andrés Rabbit

Engineer with an entrepreneurial heart, without fear of new challenges and always looking for opportunities and new adventures. In SoDash, I ensure that our deliverables and customer service are of the highest quality. My passion is business and adventure.


Rodrigo Chaverri

I belong to the generation that does not know how to follow rules and be part of the flock. I am inspired by the radically different solutions to current problems and business models that make them reality. As part of the SoDash team, I belong to a movement to revolutionize communication in social networks.