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SoDash is a SaaS Customer Service tool that businesses use to bridge the gap between Social Media and Customer Service.

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About SoDash: Smarter Social Media

SoDash's unique machine learning engine can save you lots of time! By classifying, prioritisng and routing data, our technology gives you richer contextual insight. Messages are directed to the most appropriate area of your business, and SoDash can even recommend a response.


SoDash classifies incoming information by creating personalised filters providing you with far more understanding than just positive and negative comments.


SoDash learns which information needs immediate action. Don't miss opportunities that could make or break your brand.


SoDash can learn whose job is what, routing the right information to the right people quickly and effectively. No time wasted.

Use Cases

The next generation of technology is helping brands to realise the potential of big data to drive real and far-reaching business impacts. Here are a few examples of some world-class brands taking advantage of SoDash in different ways.

Social Media EngagementSoDash for Engagement & Lead Generation

The key to powerful consumer interactions is a richer contextual understanding of where they are, what they're doing and what they're interested in talking about.

Using our technology, Gatorade UK was able to engage marathon runners with relevant messaging and offers based on the stage they were at in their running journey. SoDash listens to more sources than any other tool on the market, so we knew no opportunity to engage was being missed due to lack of coverage. Through careful analysis of message content SoDash was able to classify runners into four stages: training, pre-event, event day or post-event, and deliver targeted ghost-written messages with confidence.

Brands that understand consumer context have a real opportunity to engage with the public in meaningful and impactful ways. SoDash makes that possible.

Social Media Customer ServiceSoDash for Customer Service

SoDash listens to more social media platforms than any other tools on the market. Our technology allows us to classify and catergorise data to give a better understanding of the online customer chatter about your company, brand or product. This data is then routed to person or department who will be able to deal with it the most effectively giving you more control of your online brand image and customer service.

"Social Media has changed the way we interact with many thousands of customers; we are building great relationships, engaging with more passengers, and helping people out when they have questions or queries. SoDash has allowed us to listen to all this feedback, respond to our customers, and learn what it is that they would like to see from us, every day." – Helen Fisher, Customer Relations Information Manager at Virgin Trains

A better understanding of the customer's experience and a rapid response equals satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

Social Media InsightSoDash for Insight

The first generation of social media monitoring tools only give overall positive or negative feelings towards your brand. SoDash extracts more useful information from the social data, then classifies and categorises this to provide unprecedented levels of actionable insight for your company.

When NatWest launched their 'Emergency Cash' TV campaign in 2012, SoDash was deployed to monitor how well this campaign would be received by the public.

Within a short time of the TV premier, SoDash was able to immediately report impressive positive feedback. SoDash was able to interpret negative feedback and discover that not all viewers related to a character within the advert, meaning some viewrs weren't fully engaged. This insight allowed NatWest to adapt their advert and change the character to gain higher viewer satisfaction.

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More Sources

SoDash listens to more sources than any other tool on the market, giving you the coverage you need to stay tuned in with your customers and on top of your competitors.

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Custom Tags

Customisable tags allow you to get much more than basic sentiment from social data. Knowing what your customers feel is simple, SoDash can tell you why.

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Automated Responses

Find yourself having to repeat the same response again and again? SoDash uses AI to respond to your audience en masse without sounding like a robot.

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Advanced Filtering

Our powerful filter sets allow you to sort incoming streams depending on a range of variables including keywords, device, gender, influence and much more.

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Actionable Reporting

SoDash allows you to report on everything from top level overviews right down to the finer detail such as geo-tagging, gender, device, time and more.

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Additional Features

SoDash includes a comprehensive set of additional features that provide a complete and intelligent solution for social media monitoring, empowering users.

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Products & Services


SoDash is our core product. It makes social media management effective and efficient for organisations. Using our unique smart-tools you can generate leads, manage your brand, monitor the competition and provide exceptional customer service, in one stylish, easy-to-use web application.

SoDash Insight™

The next generation of social media monitoring demands more of your analytics, visualisation and reporting. We offer a specialist consultancy service that will help you maximise the potential of your data, providing the data-driven insights to enable your organisation to achieve it's objectives.

SoDash Connect™

We are compatible with the first generation of social listening tools! SoDash Connect allows you to easily plug our data collection and our ground breaking machine-learning engine into your existing tools – bridging the information gap, making them (and you) smarter.

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